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Knihkupectví specializované na veterinární tématiku - MVDr. Leoš Grejcar

Notes On Small Animal Dermatology

ISBN: 9781405134972

Vydání: 2010

Cena: asi 1548 Kč

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Nakladatel: Wiley-Blackwell

Vazba: brožovaná
Počet stran: 365
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Judith Joyce


Part of the popular Notes On series, this book is full of practical advice and information on diagnosing and treating common dermatological problems in small animals. The rapid reference format is designed to help you locate information as quickly as possible.
Information on common dermatological complaints is offered in different ways to meet a variety of needs. Firstly a problem-orientated perspective is provided, and then a disease-based perspective looking at what underlying problems cause particular diseases. This is followed by a section that looks at dermatological disease by anatomical location, and a section that outlines different treatments.
Supplemented with full-colour photographs throughout to aid diagnosis
Detailed flow diagrams illustrate the problem-orientated approach
Text is laid out in note form for ease of reference
This book is ideal for veterinary students, new practitioners and established professionals who need a quick refresher.

Obsah knihy

Section 1: The Basic Tools1
Chapter 1 Terminology and Glossary3
Chapter 2 Lesions11
Chapter 3 Investigation and Diagnosis20
Section 2: Problem-Orientated Approach47
Chapter 4 The Pruritic Patient49
Chapter 5 The Scaling Patient65
Chapter 6 The Alopecic Patient72
Chapter 7 Management of Diseases Presenting with Spots (Papules, Pustules, Vesicles and Bullae)78
Chapter 8 Approach to Changes in Pigmentation85
Chapter 9 Management of Raised and Ulcerative Skin Lesions90
Section 3: Aetiological Approach95
Chapter 10 Diseases Caused by Ectoparasites97
Chapter 11 Skin Disease Caused by Micro-organism121
Chapter 12 Hypersensitivity Dermatitis138
Chapter 13 Management of Immune-Mediated Disease152
Chapter 14 Endocrine Disease163
Chapter 15 Disorders of the Pilosebaceous Unit (Hair Follicle Disorders)176
Chapter 16 Neoplastic Skin Disease180
Chapter 17 Other Skin Diseases188
Section 4: Anatomically Localised Skin Disease193
Chapter 18 The Foot195
Chapter 19 Skin Disease Affecting the Perianal Region210
Chapter 20 Ear Disease217
Chapter 21 Periocular Skin Disease230
Chapter 22 Dermatoses Affecting the Muzzle234
Chapter 23 Management of Facial Lesions242
Chapter 24 Management of Skin Disease Affecting the Legs246
Chapter 25 Management of Diseases Affecting Mainly the Trunk and Dorsum252
Section 5: Treatment of Skin Diseases259
Chapter 26 Treatment of Primary Skin Disease261
Chapter 27 Treatment of Presenting Signs304
Chapter 28 Use and Abuse of Glucocorticoids324
Chapter 29 Topical Treatments330