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Knihkupectví specializované na veterinární tématiku - MVDr. Leoš Grejcar

Stress and Pheromonatherapy in Small Animal Clinical Behaviour

ISBN: 9781118458792


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Nakladatel: Wiley-Blackwell

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Stress and Pheromonatherapy in Small Animal Clinical Behaviour is about how stress impacts on animal behaviour and welfare and what we can do about it, especially by using chemical signals more effectively. This readily accessible text starts from first principles and is useful to both academics and practitioners alike.  It offers a framework for understanding how pheromonatherapy can be used to encourage desirable behavior in dogs and cats and also a fresh approach to understanding the nature of clinical animal behavior problems. The authors have pioneered the use of pheromone therapy within the field of clinical animal behavior.  As the culmination of many years of research and experience, they offer sound evidence-based advice on how and when pheromones can be used most effectively. The first part of the book deals with some fundamental concepts, focusing on the key concepts of stress, communication and perception.  It then provides a framework for the evaluation of problem behaviour to allow consideration of the possible role or not of pheromonatherapy.  Part 2 covers the application of these concepts to a range of specific situations, concentrating on conditions in which there has been most research to support the efficacy of pheromonatherapy. Suitable for veterinarians in small animal practice, students of clinical animal behaviour, veterinary nurses and technicians, as well as specialists and researchers in animal behaviour therapy.

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