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Knihkupectví specializované na veterinární tématiku - MVDr. Leoš Grejcar

Otitis Externa An Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

ISBN: 9781482224573

Vydání: 2014

Cena: asi 1722 Kč

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Nakladatel: CRC Press

Vazba: pevná
Počet stran: 162
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Key Features:
· Details the salient points of diagnosing and treating otitis in dogs and cats
· Includes more than 200 full colour illustrations
The investigation and management of ear disease will occupy a significant proportion of a veterinary clinician’s time. Otitis externa, in particular, is likely to be seen by a busy small animal clinician at least once a day. Chronic, and chronic recurrent, otitis externa is frustrating, and costly, to the owner and often painful for the dog or cat.
This book provides a comprehensive source of information on the relevant structure, function,
medicine, and surgery of the ear, from Otodectes cynotis infection to Pseudomonas aeuginosa
infection, by way of atopy.
The clinical practice of all aspects of veterinary medicine is a balance of science, art, experience and judgment. This book facilitates active learning by presenting selected clinical case scenarios or applied-research material. It provides an illustrative, self-directed educational tool containing current information of value to veterinary students, interns and residents in training, general and specialist small animal practitioners with specific interests in orthopedics, canine sports medicine and rehabilitative medicine. References have been provided for each question, to allow readers the opportunity to delve more deeply into the topic of focus if so desired.

Obsah knihy

The normal Ear.1
Approach to the Diagnosis of Otitis Externa.13
Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Otitis Externa. Ear Cleaning.45
Ear Cleaning.74
Medical Management of Ear Disease.81
Otitis Media104
Ototoxicity and Other Side-Effects of Otic Medication115
Aural Ablation, and Bulla Osteotomy.121