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Color Atlas od Farm Animal Dermatology 2nd Edition

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A practical full-color reference on the recognition and diagnosis of dermatological disease in farm animals Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, Second Edition is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines hundreds of color photographs with clear and concise text highlighting clinical features, differentials, and diagnostic information for each disease. Coverage includes both common and uncommon diseases of cattle, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas, and pigs. This new edition has been fully updated throughout, and now includes information on llamas and alpacas. Diseases covered include bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral and protozoal, immunological, congenital and hereditary, environmental, nutritional and miscellaneous diseases, as well as neoplastic and non-neoplastic growths. Offers a practical quick reference to aid in the diagnosis of dermatological conditions in farm animals, including cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas, and llamas Contains more than 700 full-color images Covers all dermatological disease types, organized by species-specific sections Thoroughly updated and now including coverage of camelids Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology, Second Edition is a must-have book for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students who work on farm animals.

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Preface and Acknowledgmentsx
Section 1 Bovine1
1.1 Bacterial Skin Diseases3
1.2 Fungal Skin Diseases24
1.3 Parasitic Skin Diseases30
1.4 Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases45
1.5 Immunological Skin Diseases64
1.6 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases72
1.7 Environmental Skin Diseases83
1.8 Nutritional Skin Diseases99
1.9 Miscellaneous Skin Diseases103
1.10 Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Growths108
Section 2 Caprine123
2.2 Fungal Skin Diseases132
2.3 Parasitic Skin Diseases137
2.4 Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases149
2.5 Immunological Skin Diseases156
2.6 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases161
2.7 Environmental Skin Diseases164
2.8 Nutritional Skin Diseases170
2.9 Miscellaneous Skin Diseases173
2.10 Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Growths176
Section 3 Ovine181
3.1 Bacterial Skin Diseases183
3.2 Fungal Skin Diseases191
3.3 Parasitic Skin Diseases194
3.4 Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases204
3.5 Immunological Skin Diseases213
3.6 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases216
3.7 Environmental Skin Diseases221
3.8 Nutritional Skin Diseases227
3.9 Miscellaneous Skin Diseases230
3.10 Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Growths232
Section 4 Porcine235
4.1 Bacterial Skin Diseases237
4.2 Fungal Skin Diseases250
4.3 Parasitic Skin Diseases254
4.4 Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases259
4.5 Immunological Skin Diseases266
4.6 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases269
4.7 Environmental Skin Diseases273
4.8 Nutritional Skin Diseases280
4.9 Miscellaneous Skin Diseases283
4.10 Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Growths287
Section 5 Camelid293
5.1 Bacterial Skin Diseases295
5.2 Fungal Skin Diseases301
5.3 Parasitic Skin Diseases305
5.4 Viral Skin Diseases311
5.5 Immunological Skin Diseases313
5.6 Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases317
5.7 Environmental Skin Diseases319
5.8 Nutritional Skin Diseases323
5.9 Miscellaneous Skin Diseases325
5.10 Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic Growths327