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Knihkupectví specializované na veterinární tématiku - MVDr. Leoš Grejcar

Applying equine science: research into business

Autor: Hemmings ...

ISBN: 9781904761143

Vydání: 2006

Cena: 1336 Kč

Training for equestrain perfomance

Autor: Jane Williams and David Evans ...

ISBN: 9789086862580

Vydání: 2015

Cena: asi 2946 Kč

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‘Training for equestrian performance’ is an essential guide for the modern equestrian competitor who wants to optimise their own and their horse’s potential in training and competition, or for the equine sports science student wanting to understand the science of equestrian training. Leading equestrian researchers and performance analysis experts bring together the fundamental scientific principles which underpin competition preparation for the horse and rider. These include exercise physiology, psychology, conformation, biomechanics and feeding for performance. The book explores the principles of training and alternative training methods, and how these principles translate to management of the equine athlete to extend careers and prevent injury occurring. Suggestions for how to successfully develop training strategies and plans matched to short and long term training and competition goals are provided. Developments in performance analysis techniques and equipment for the horse and rider, independently and as a partnership, are reviewed. This enables the reader to select techniques and devise training regimes which can help them achieve their own competitive goals. The book concludes by applying science to the practical requirements of a range of equestrian disciplines, giving practical advice and explanations of how to use science and technology to improve fitness, prevent injury and to achieve competition success. Horse owners, students, veterinarians, coaches and many other participants in equestrian sports will find new knowledge and perspectives to consider. ‘Training for equestrian performance’ will become a must-have training companion for the modern equestrian who wants to leave nothing to chance in their competition preparation.