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Knihkupectví specializované na veterinární tématiku - MVDr. Leoš Grejcar

Animal Biology and Care

Autor: Sue Dallas, Emily Jewell ...

ISBN: 9781118276068

Vydání: 2014-06-06

Cena: asi 1009 Kč

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The perfect study companion, Animal Biology and Care, 3 rd Edition is specifically designed for students on animal care, animal nursing assistant and veterinary care assistant courses. This edition is fully updated with new course content, a refreshed design and colour illustrations throughout. Basic biological theory is introduced with diagrams for visual learners while photographs demonstrate the common practical procedures carried out by animal care assistants. Key features include: New content on exotic species, recognising the increasing number of these animals kept as pets. Extensive coverage of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and recent advances in animal welfare. Written in line with course curricula, chapter summaries help you to remember key points and learning objectives. A companion website at\go\dallas\animal–biology–care with interactive MCQs to help you test your knowledge. Divided into three main sections covering animal science and genetics, health and husbandry and nursing procedures, this book will help lay the foundations for a successful career in animal care and management!