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Notes on Veterinary Dentistry

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Comprehensive coverage of companion animal dentistry, covering dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents, as well as horses. A part of the exciting “Notes On” series, which is specifically designed to ensure veterinary and students have quick and easy access to the most up–to–date clinical and diagnostic information. The accessible note–based style of this user–friendly guide is perfect for day–to–day reference.

Autor: Cedric Tutt

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The book will be divided into 5 chapters, namely:.
1. Canine and feline dentistry.
2. Rodent and lagomorph dentistry.
3. Equine dentistry. Each of the above chapters will have the following subsections:.
a. Anatomy pertaining to dentistry and oral surgery. Dental formulae. Age at eruption of teeth. Description of dentition. Normal occlusion.
b. Equipment and Instrumentation.
c. Oral examination and charting.
d. Radiography and other diagnostic imaging techniques.
e. Oral conditions and diseases. Clinical signs. Diagnostic techniques. Routinely performed procedures and treatments. Brief outline of advanced techniques.
f. Important structures to consider when performing dentistry.
g. Dental emergencies.
h. Dentistry and orofacial surgery referrals.
4. Local and regional anaesthesia blocks.
5. Glossary of commonly used terms