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Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement

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Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement provides an up-to-date, comprehensive examination of joint replacement in veterinary surgery. Part of the Advances in Veterinary Surgery series copublished with the ACVS Foundation, the book presents an evidence-based, multi-system examination of the current state of hip, knee, and elbow replacement in dogs and cats, including information on biomechanics and biomaterials not found in other sources. Written by an international group of experts, the book offers guidance on the history, indications, contraindications, clinical procedures, and a review of the current literature for these surgical techniques.

Autor: Jeffrey N. Peck, DVM, DACVS, is Staff Surgeon at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Maitland, Florida. Denis J. Marcellin-Little, DEDV, DACVS, DECVS, is Professor of Orthopedic Surgery in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

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Focusing on replacement of the hip, knee, and elbow, the book also covers disc, shoulder, carpus, and tarsus replacement, as well as information on the development of custom prostheses. Each section incorporates information on potential complications and outcomes assessment. Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement is an unparalleled repository of information for veterinary surgeons, residents, and practitioners with an interest in these procedures.

Marvin L. Olmstead Forewordxi
David J. DeYoung Forewordxiii
Mark D. Markel, Chair of the Board of Trustees ACVS Foundation Forewordxvii
Preface and Acknowledgmentsxix
Mariana Quina and Jeffrey N. Peck 1. The History of Joint Replacement in Veterinary Surgery3
Simon C. Roe 2. Implant Materials: Structural11
David J. DeYoung and Denis J. Marcellin-Little 3. Implant Materials: Surface Coating19
Jeffrey N. Peck 4. Weight-Bearing Surfaces31
Kei Hayashi and Kurt S. Schulz 5. Methods of Immediate Fixation39
Michael P. Kowaleski 6. Biomechanical Considerations in Total Hip Replacement53
Jeffrey N. Peck, William D. Liska, David J. DeYoung, and Denis J. Marcellin-Little 7. Clinical Application of Total Hip Replacement69
Jeffrey N. Peck and Denis J. Marcellin-Little 8. Revision Strategies for Total Hip Replacement109
Matthew Allen and Kenneth Mann 9. Biomechanical Considerations in Total Knee Replacement131
Melvyn Pond 10. Clinical Application of Total Knee Replacement151
Greg Van Der Meulen 11. Biomechanical Considerations in Total Elbow Development163
Loïc M. Déjardin, Reunan P. Guillou, and Michael Conzemius 12. Clinical Application of Total Elbow Replacement in Dogs179
Jeffrey N. Peck 13. Emerging Arthroplasties199
Denis J. Marcellin-Little and Ola L.A. Harrysson 14. Custom Total Joint Arthroplasty223