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Animals in Disasters

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Animals in Disasters is a comprehensive book on animal rescue written by Dr. Dick Green who shares his experiences, best practices and lessons learned from well over 125 domestic and international disasters. It provides a step-by-step process for communities and states to more effectively address animal issues and enhance their animal response capabilities. Sections include an overview of the history of animal rescue, where we are today, and the steps needed to better prepare for tomorrow. This how-to book for emergency managers who want to develop programs, craft policy, and build response capability/capacity is an ideal companion to their work.

Key Features
Clearly identifies the components of building a resilient community
Introduces the Community Preparedness Checklist
Helps readers develop and deliver effective animal response training
Emergency Managers, Public Health officials, Rescue community (Search and Rescue, Fire, Animal Rescue); local, state, national, and federal agencies responsible for animals in their jurisdiction

Autor: Dick Green

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NakladatelElsevier Saunders
Počet stran275

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Incident Management
3. National Animal Response Capabilities
4. Preparedness Activities
5. Monitoring and Activation
6. The Assessment Process
7. Evacuation and Transportation
8. Animal Resource Typing
9. Animal Search and Rescue
10. Emergency Animal Sheltering
Appendix A: Sample Assessment Form
Appendix B: Emergency Animal Facility Checklist
Appendix C: Sheltering Intake Form