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Biology and Diseases of the Ferret

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Ferrets continue to be popular pets and research models. This Second Edition is thoroughly revised, and emphasizes the clinical component of veterinary medicine particular to the ferret, reflecting recent advancements of knowledge and the author's work at MIT. New techniques for routine diagnostic and surgical procedures are covered, as well as discussion of eosinophilic gastroenteritis; hormone-dependent cystitis; lymphomas; rabies vaccines; Aleutian disease; insulinoma; alopecia; adrenal neoplasia; bleeding disorders; and anesthesia protocols.

Autor: James G. Fox DVM

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Základní informace
Vydáníantikvariátní 1998
Počet stran68
Section I: Biology and Husbandry3
1. Taxonomy, History and Use3
2. Anatomy of the Ferrets19
3. The Neuroanatomy of the Ferret Brain71
4. The Physiology of the Ferret103
5. Nutrition149
6. Housing and Managment173
7. Normal Clinical and Biological Parameters183
8. Reproduction, Breeding and Growth211
Section II: Diseases and Clinical Applications231
Diseases of the Hematopoetic System231
Diseases of the Genitourinary System247
Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System273
Diseases of the Endocrine System291
Other Systemic Diseases307
Bacterial and Mycoplasmal Diseases321
Viral Diseases355
Parasitic Diseases375
Mycotic Diseases393
Neoplasia in Ferrets405
Anesthesia and Surgery449
Section III: Reserch Applications487
Viral Diseases Model487
Use of the Ferret in Cardiovascular Research499
Use of the Ferret in Behavioral Approach511
Use of the Ferret in Neuroendocrinology521
Use of the Ferret in Parasitologic Research537