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BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology 3. edition

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Building on the success of previous editions, the Editors have sought to marry the best of the old with the new. All chapters have been updated, or rewritten, by international experts to encompass the important advances made over the last several years, while keeping the text practical and user-friendly.
The principles of diagnostics and clinical staging and of the main therapeutic modalities are outlined. Individual tumour types in the body systems of dogs and cats are then described, using a common approach to aid information retrieval on aetiology and pathogenesis, presentation and clinical signs (including staging/grading of tumours), management , and prognosis. A wealth of new photographs has been included to illustrate the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of a range of tumours.

The growing importance of ethical considerations and palliative care are also recognized, and exciting developments and treatment possibilities explored.

Autor: B. Duncan X. Lascelles, BSc, BVSc, PhD, CertVA DSAS(ST) Diplomate ECVS, Diplomate ACVS MRCVS, Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery Department of Clinical Sciences North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, 4700 Hillsborough Street Raleigh NC 27606, USA, Jane M. Dobson, MA DvetMed Diplomate EDVIM-CA MRCVS, RCVS Reorganized Specialist in Veterinary Oncology, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3OES

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Základní informace
VydáníIII. 2011
Počet stran364
Introduction: Cancer in cats and digs1
How to make diagnosis10
Clinical staging and the TNM classification18
Paraneoplastic syndromes30
When to treat animals with cancer40
Principles of oncological surgery44
Principles of chemotherapy60
Priniciples of radiation therapy80
Therapies of future91
Principles of nutrition of the cancer patient102
Relief of chronic cancer pain111
Tumours of the skin and subcutaneus tissues130
Tumours of the skeletal system159
Soft tissues sarcomas178
Tumours of the digestive tract191
Oral tumors191
Tumors of the salivary glands202
Tumors of oesophagus206
Tumors of the stomach209
Tumors of the small animal intestines212
Tumors of the colon and rectum216
Tumors of the perianal region223
Tumors of the liver229
Tumors of exocrine pancreas235
Tumours of the mammary glands237
Tumours of the urogenital tract248
Tumours of the respiratory system and thoracic cavity265
Tumours of the haemopoietic system and spleen285
Endocrine tumours309
Tumours of the nervous system329
Ocular tumours341