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Centrarchid Fishes Diversity, Biology and Conservation

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Centrarchid Fishes provides comprehensive coverage of all major aspects of this ecologically and commercially important group of fishes. Coverage includes diversity, ecomorphology, phylogeny and genetics, hybridization, reproduction, early life history and recruitment, feeding and growth, ecology, migrations, bioenergetics, physiology, diseases, aquaculture, fisheries management and conservation. Chapters have been written by well-known and respected scientists and the whole has been drawn together by Professors Cooke and Philipp, themselves extremely well respected in the area of fisheries management and conservation.

Autor: Steven J Cooke is Assistant Professor in Environmental Science and Biology and Director of the Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, David P Philipp is Principal Scientist at the Illinois Natural History Survey and is a Professor in three departments at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

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Počet stran539
Species diversity, phylogeny and phylogeography of Centrarchidae1
Hybridization and speciation in centrarchids39
Ecomorphology of centrarchid fishes70
Alternative reproductive tactics in Centrarchidae90
Early life history and recruitment105
Population and community ecology of Centrarchidae134
Centrarchid energetics165
Physiology and organismal performance of centrarchids207
Winter biology of centrarchid fis264
Centrarchid aquaculture293
Centrarchid fisheries312
Contemporary issues in centrarchid conservation and management340
Centrarchid identification and natural history375