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Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology and Hematology, 2nd Edition

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A comprehensive image-based reference to all aspects of small animal cytology and hematology,
including sample collection and handling
Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology and Hematology, Second Edition is an essential, comprehensive resource
for all veterinary professionals preparing and evaluating cytology and blood samples. Featuring hundreds of
large, high-quality images, this fully updated new edition provides an even more extensive collection of
exceptional photomicrographs, accompanied by detailed descriptions, figure legends and annotations to guide
readers through the diagnostic process.
The Second Edition adds an extensive new hematology section, new chapters detailing sample acquisition and
preparation, and many new diseases across all chapters. Each section provides a detailed description of the
microscopic appearance, clinical considerations, and prognosis for each disease, using a bullet point format to
promote rapid review for efficient, evidence-based clinical decision making.
Clinical Atlas of Small Animal Cytology and Hematology features:
More than 750 high-quality cytology and hematology images
6 new chapters, including detailed sections on sample acquisition and the preparation and staining of
cytology and hematology slides
A comprehensive hematology section including an easy-to-follow blood smear interpretation guide, and
detailed chapters describing erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets and background features
Updated cytology sections with new diseases and images in all chapters
Easy to use, with superior quality images and detailed yet succinct clinical information, Clinical Atlas of Small

Autor: Andrew G. Burton

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