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Complex Clinical Cases in Small Animal Dermatology

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This book has been created for everyone passionate about veterinary dermatology. Written by veterinary experts, this resource will explore the diagnostic thinking process. This practical book describes complex dermatological clinical cases through the evaluation of their clinical presentation, results of diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies. Fully illustrated with colour pictures, it also includes tables and clinical keys.

Autor: Dr. Carla Dedola graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Sassari (Italy) in 2001. After completing her degree, she worked as a general practitioner in a private veterinary clinic in Monza (Italy). There, she started to develop her passion in small animal dermatology. In 2007, she obtained a position as resident in dermatology at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). In 2010, she sustained and passed the European College exam in Veterinary Dermatology becoming a European Diplomate in Veterinary Dermatology. She has been secretary of the Italian Society of Small Animal Dermatology (SIDEV) in Italy from 2014 to 2019. Since 2011, she has been working as freelance in Sardinia (Italy), collaborating with numerous veterinary clinics over the territory. She is the director and the scientific mentor of dermatological courses organized by the Italian Companion Animal Veterinary Association (SCIVAC). Giordana Zanna Dr. Giordana Zanna graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Bari (Italy) in 2000. After working in general practice in Italy and doing externships at Universities of Liverpool and Bristol (UK), she undertook a residency in veterinary dermatology at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Spain, gaining her diploma of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology in 2010. At the same Institution, she fulfilled her PhD studies on the pathogenesis of mucinosis-hyaluronosis in Shar Pei dogs in 2010. Vice president of the Italian SIDEV and secretary of the SCIVAC, she is the director and scientific mentor of the Italian course of Dermatology. Giordana now works at Instituto Veterinario di Novara (Italy) as a private practice dermatology specialist, and she regularly provides lectures in national courses both in Italy and Spain and gives talks at international conferences. She has written several articles published in national and international journals and she also enjoys research with a special interest in non-invasive diagnostic techniques such as dermoscopy.

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Case 1. Generalized partial alopecia with scaling in a dog
Case 2. Alopecic, ulcerative and erythematous plaque on the tarsal region in a cat
Case 3. Severe ulcerative dermatitis in a dog
Case 4. Erosive and scaling dermatoses in a cat
Case 5. Muco-cutaneous ulcerative dermatitis in a dog
Case 6. Ulcerative multifocal dermatitis in a dog
Case 7. Generalized pustular dermatitis in a dog
Case 8. Nodular dermatitis in a dog
Case 9. Generalized alopecia in a cat
Case 10. Proliferative plaque-like lesions in a dog
Case 11. Generalized scaling dermatoses in a dog
Case 12. Multifocal alopecia in a dog
Case 13. Non-inflammatory alopecia affecting only the black-haired coat in two dogs
Case 14. Exfoliative dermatitis in a cat
Case 15. Nodular dermatitis in a dog
Case 16. Multifocal, polycyclic erythematous lesions with epidermal collarette in a dog
Case 17. Erosive-ulcerative dermatitis in a seasonal atopic dog
Case 18. Mucocutaneous ulcerative lesions of the nasal planum in a dog
Case 19. Severe necrotizing dermatitis on a dog’s leg
Case 20. Ulcerative dermatitis in a cat

in a dog1
CASE 2. Alopecic, ulcerated and erythematous mass-like lesion on the tarsal region in a cat9
CASE 3. Diagnostic approach to multifocal alopecia in a dog using dermoscopy as a new tool17
CASE 4. Ulcerative dermatitis in a dog25
in a dog33
CASE 6. Multifocal alopecia and diffuse, severe exfoliative dermatitis in a cat41
CASE 7. Generalised pustular dermatitis in a dog51
CASE 8. Multiple pigmented lesions in a cat...61
CASE 9. Generalised exfoliative dermatitis in a dog69
CASE 10. A severe exudative dermatitis in a cat79
CASE 11. Lichenoid dermatitis in a dog...87
in a dog95
CASE 13. Multifocal alopecia in a dog...103
CASE 14. Nasal planum erosive-ulcerative dermatitis in a dog113
CASE 15. Hyperkeratotic crusty dermatitis in a puppy121
CASE 16. Nodular ulcerative dermatitis in a cat131
CASE 17. Alopecia and ulcerative dermatitis in a dog139
CASE 18. Generalised alopecia with spontaneous hair regrowth in a dog149
in an atopic dog157
CASE 20. Exfoliative dermatitis and oedematous swelling in an immunocompromised cat167