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Diagnostics and Therapy in Veterinary Dermatology

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Diagnostics and Therapy in Veterinary Dermatology presents thorough coverage of the latest discoveries, drugs, and treatments for dermatologic conditions in animals. Chapters written by experts in each respective area of veterinary dermatology contain up-to-date information on new diagnostic tools and tests, autoimmune diseases, parasitic and fungal infections, medical management of acute and chronic conditions, alternative dermatologic therapies, and more.

Offering practical solutions for both specialist and general practice veterinarians dealing with dermatology cases, this wide-ranging resource also addresses antibiotic resistance and misuse, the availability of foods for elimination diet trials, problems with generic drugs, emerging infectious diseases, and other important problems currently facing the profession. Throughout the text, veterinary practitioners are provided with real-world guidance on improving how they work up their dermatology cases and strengthening communication between the primary care veterinarian and the dermatologist. Edited by a leading board-certified dermatologist, this volume:

Focuses on cats and dogs
Includes numerous high-quality clinical photographs illustrating all key concepts
Covers topics such as how to use your nursing staff to the fullest, the One Health movement, and how changing climate is increasing the spread of certain dermatologic diseases
Discusses approaches for building a better working relationship between clients, primary care veterinarians and dermatologists
Provides insights on the future of technology in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic diseases
Covering the very latest developments in the field, Diagnostics and Therapy in Veterinary Dermatology is essential reading for veterinary dermatologists, veterinary students, and any veterinary general practitioner with a dermatology caseload.
Dawn Logas, DVM, DACVD, is a veterinary dermatologist and founder of the Veterinary Dermatology Center in Maitland, Florida, USA.

Autor: Dawn Logas (Editor)

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List of contributors

Chapter 1: The skin as an immune organ

Domenico Santoro and Megan Boyd

Chapter 2: How to get the most out of your dermatologic history and examination

Michelle Woodward O’Gorman

Chapter 3: New diagnostic tools and tests for dermatology

Amelia White

Chapter 4: When, where, and how to biopsy skin

Dawn Logas

Chapter 5: Antibiotic-resistant staphylococcal infections

Christine L. Cain

Chapter 6: Fungal and oomycete infections

Darcie Kunder

Chapter 7: Parasitic infections

Catlin Contreary

Chapter 8: Emerging infectious diseases in veterinary dermatology

Ana Milena Carmona-Gil

Chapter 9: Canine hypersensitivities

Rosanna Marsella

Chapter 10: Feline hypersensitivities

Cecilia Friberg

Chapter 11: Common and emerging autoimmune diseases

Rebekah Westermeyer

Chapter 12: Endocrine and metabolic diseases with dermatologic manifestations

Katherine Doerr

Chapter 13: Medical management of acute and chronic otitis

Dawn Logas

Chapter 14: What is the difference between brand name, generic, and compounded drugs?

Mark G. Papich

Chapter 15: Topical therapies

Dawn Logas

Chapter 16: Antibiotic resistance

Leah D. Blondeau and Joseph M. Blondeau

Chapter 17: Omega-3 fatty acids: What’s new?

Dawn Logas

Chapter 18: Immunopharmacology

Domenico Santoro and Megan Boyd

Chapter 19: Allergen-specific immunotherapy

Natalie Gedon and Ralf Mueller

Chapter 20: Biologic therapies for dermatologic use

Valerie Fadok

Chapter 21: Use of lasers in dermatology

Jason B. Pieper

Chapter 22: Unconventional and plant-based therapies

Dawn Logas

Chapter 23: Sedation, anesthesia, and pain management in small animal dermatology

Luisito S. Pablo

Chapter 24: How your nursing staff can improve efficiency and compliance in the management of dermatologic cases

Judy Lethbridge

Chapter 25: Communication between the client, primary care practitioner, and dermatologist

JoAnn Stewart

Chapter 26: The future of technology and computers in veterinary medicine

Ceara Byrne and Jacob Logas


List of ContributorsXI
1. The Skin as an Immune Organ1
2. How to Get the Most Out of Your Dermatologic History and Examination9
3. New Diagnostic Tools and Tests for Dermatology16
4. When, Where, and How to Biopsy Skin33
5. Antimicrobial-Resistant Staphylococcal Infection39
6. Fungal and Oomycete Infections50
7. Parasitic Infection63
8. Emerging Infectious Diseases in Veterinary Dermatology75
9. Canine Hypersensitivities86
10. Feline Hypersensitivities98
11. Common and Emerging Autoimmune Diseases109
12. Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases with Dermatologic Manifestations128
13. Medical Management of Acute and Chronic Otitis140
14. What Is the Difference Between Brand Name, Generic and Compounded Drugs?150
15. Topical Therapies156
16. Antimicrobial Resistance163
17. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: What's New?175
18. Immunopharmacology180
19. Allergen Immunotherapy193
20. Biologic Therapies for Dermatologic Use198
21. Use of Lasers in Dermatology204
22. Unconventional and Plant-Based Therapies212
23. Sedation, Anesthesia, and Pain Management in Small Animal Dermatology218
24. How Your Nursing Staff Can Improve Efficiency and Compliance in the Management of Dermatology Cases227
25. Communication Between the Client, Primary Care Practitioner, and Dermatologist238
26. The Future of Technology and Computers in Veterinary Medicine245