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Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery Basic and Clinical Sciences of the Equine Athlete 4. edition

Autor: Kenneth W Hinchcliff, Andris J. Kaneps, Raymond J. Geor

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NakladatelElsevier Saunders
VydáníIII. vydání 2022
Počet stran1360
Section 1: The Horse as an Athlete1
1 History of Equine Exercise Physiology1
2 The Horse as an Athlete23
3 Welfare of Equine Athletes in Sport and the Social License to Operate32
4 Laboratory Exercise Testing40
5 Exercise Testing in the Field58
6 The Connected Horse83
7 Conditioning of the Equine Athlete95
8 Genetic Basis of Equine Performance114
Section 2: Musculoskeletal System and Lameness128
9 Muscle Physiology: Responses to Exercise and Conditioning128
10 Muscle Disorders of Equine Athletes178
Death in Athletic Horses220
Skeletal Physiology: Responses to Exercise and Training233
13 Tendon and Ligament Physiology252
14 Joint Physiology: Response to Exercise and Training280
15 Quantitative Assessment of Locomotion in the Athletic Horse292
16 Objective Measurement of Lameness305
17 Diagnosis of Lameness325
18 Diseases of the Foot341
19 Principles of Sport Horse Farriery362
20 Distal Limb: Fetlock and Pastern377
21 Metacarpus/Metatarsus402
22 The Carpus438
23 Elbow and Shoulder456
24 Tarsus and Stifle478
25 Axial Skeleton: Neck, Back, and Pelvis515
26 Neurologic Causes of Gait Abnormalities in Athletic Horses538
27 Soft Tissue Injuries: Tendinitis and Desmitis558
28 Pharmacotherapy of Joint and Tendon Disease584
29Equine Rehabilitation609
Section 3: Respiratory System632
30 Upper Airway Function of Normal Horses During Exercise632
31 Abnormalities of the Nasopharynx652
32 Diseases of the Larynx and Trachea670
33 Lower Airway Function: Response to Exercise and Training698
34 Noninfectious Inflammatory Diseases of the Lower Airway of Athletic Horses (Including Equine Asthma720
35 Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage753
36 Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Respiratory Disease in Populations of Athletic Horses775
Section 4: Cardiovascular System37
37 Heart and Vessels: Function During Exercise and Conditioning Adaptations800
38 Arrhythmias and Abnormalities of the Cardiac Conduction System in Athletic Horses831
39 Structural Heart Disease, Cardiomyopathy, and Diseases of the Large Vessels in Athletic Horses866
Section 5: Metabolism and Nutrition8999
40 Energy Metabolism: Responses to Exercise and Training899
41 Nutrition for the Equine Athlete: Nutrient Requirements and Key Principles in Ration Design925
Section 6: Body Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid-Base, and Thermoregulation954
42 Body Fluids and Electrolytes: Responses to Exercise and Training954
43 Acid-Base Physiology at Rest, During Exercise, and in Response to Training971
44 Abnormalities of Body Fluids and Electrolytes in Athletic Horses1003
45 Thermoregulation and Exercise-Associated Heat Illnesses1031
Section 7: Hematology, Biochemistry, and Immunity1052
46 Evaluation of Clinicopathological Abnormalities in Athletic Horses1052
47 Exercise and Immunity in Horses1073
Section 8: Gastrointestinal System1085
48 Gastrointestinal Disorders in Athletic Horses1085
Section 9: Behavior1097
49 Behavior and Behavioral Abnormalities in Athletic Horses1097
Section 10: Vision1118
Performance Horses1118
Section 11: Veterinary Management of Athletic Horses1131
51 Veterinary Aspects of Training, Conditioning, and Racing Thoroughbred Racehorses1131
52 Veterinary Aspects of Training, Conditioning, and Racing Horses Used for Harness Racing1169
53 Veterinary Aspects of Conditioning, Training, and Competing Event Horses1193
54 Veterinary Aspects of Conditioning, Training, and Competing Dressage Horses1211
55 Veterinary Aspects of Conditioning, Training, and Competing the Showjumping Horse1228
56 Veterinary Aspects of Conditioning, Training, and Competing Polo Ponies1240
and Competing Endurance Horses1249
58 Veterinary Aspects of Conditioning, Training, and Competing Western Performance Horses1272
59 Veterinary Aspects of the Aged Equine Athlete1288
60 Reproductive Management of the Athletic Horse1297
61 Emergency Procedures and First Aid for the Equine Athlete1310
62 Examination of the Equine Athlete Prior to Purchase1334
Section 12: Drug and Medication Use in Athletic Horses1343
63 Detection of Drug Use in Athletic Horses1343
64 Drug Effects on Performance of the Equine Athlete1354
Appendix A Reference Values for Red Cell Variables in Athletic Horses1374
Appendix B Reference Values for the Leukogram of Athletic Horses1379
Variables in Athletic Horses1384