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Essentials of Veterinary Ophthalmology

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A user-friendly reference to basic, foundational information on veterinary ophthalmology This book provides readers with a user-friendly manual to the basics of veterinary ophthalmology

. It puts a focus on the most relevant information for clinical practice. Emphasizing canine ophthalmology, the book also covers the foundations of feline, equine, farm animal, and exotic animal ophthalmology. To aid in reader comprehension and information assimilation, a companion website presents review questions and the figures from the book in PowerPoint.

Sample topics covered within the work include:
Ophthalmic foundations: ophthalmic development and structure, physiology of the eye and vision, and ocular pharmacology and therapeutics
Canine ophthalmology: canine orbit (disease and surgery), canine eyelids (disease and surgery), canine lacrimal apparatus (tear secretion and drainage), canine cornea (diseases and surgery) and canine glaucoma
Other species: feline ophthalmology, equine ophthalmology, and food and fiber animal ophthalmology
Ophthalmic and systemic diseases: comparative neuro-ophthalmology and systemic disease and the eye

»Essentials of Veterinary Ophthalmology« is a useful guide for veterinary students and practitioners looking to build out their core foundations of knowledge within their specific programs of study and disciplines.

Autor: Kirk N. Gelatt, VMD, Diplomate ACVO, is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA., Caryn E. Plummer, DVM, Diplomate ACVO, is Professor of Comparative Ophthalmology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA

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Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix
About the Companion Website xi
Section 1 Basics for Clinical Veterinary Ophthalmology 1
1 Development and Morphology of the Eye and Adnexa 3 Section I: Development of the Eye and Adnexa 3
Section II: Morphology of the Eye and Adnexa 13
2 Ophthalmic Physiology and Vision 59
Section 1: Physiology of the Eye 59 3 Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 114
Section I: Ocular Drug Delivery 114
Section 2 Ocular Exam and Imaging 161
4 Eye Examination and Diagnostics 163
Section 3 Canine Ophthalmology 217
5 Canine Orbit: Disease and Surgery 219
6 Canine Eyelids: Disease and Surgery 239
7 Canine Nasolacrimal and Lacrimal Systems: Disease and Surgery 270
Section I: Nasolacrimal Duct System 270
8 Canine Conjunctivae and Nictitating Membrane: Disease and Surgery 290
9 Canine Cornea and Sclera: Diseases and Surgery 310 10
The Canine Glaucomas 355
11 Canine Anterior Uvea: Diseases and Surgery 394
12 Canine Cataracts, Lens Luxations, and Surgery 426 Section I: Cataracts -- Clinical Findings 426 Section II: Cataract Surgery 455
13 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Posterior Segment 469 Section I: Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Vitreous 469
Section II: Diseases of the Canine Ocular Fundus 478
Section III: Surgery of the Canine Posterior Segment 515 Section IV: Optic Nerve 525
Section 4 Special Species 539
14 Feline Ophthalmology 541
15 Equine Ophthalmology 604
16 Food and Fiber Animal Ophthalmology 665

17 Exotic Animals: Ophthalmic Diseases and Surgery 716

Section 5 Ophthalmic and Systemic Diseases 761

18 Neuro-ophthalmology 763

19 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease 784 Section I: Dogs 784

Section II: Cats 812
Section III: Horses 831

Section IV: Food Animals 840

Glossary 845

Appendix A Inherited Ophthalmic Diseases in the Dog 851

Appendix B Inherited Eye Diseases in the Cat 853
Appendix C Inherited Eye Diseases in the Horse 854
Appendix D Inherited Eye Diseases in Production Animals 855
Appendix E Lysosomal Storage Diseases in the Dog, Cat, and Food Animals 856