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Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine

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Offers the only comprehensive resource for best practices when practicing veterinary medicine in resource-limited environments
Integrates practical and cost-effective protocols where the ideal solution may not be available
Presents information on vital topics such as operating a field spay/neuter clinic, emergency sheltering, sanitation and surgical asepsis, preventive care practices, zoonotic diseases, and euthanasia
Serves as a quick reference guide for common surgical procedures, cytology interpretation, anesthesia and treatment protocols, and drug dosing

Autor: Katherine Polak, DVM, MPH, MS, DACVPM, is the Head of Stray Animal Care – Southeast Asia at Four Paws International in Bangkok, Thailand. Ann Therese Kommedal, DVM, is a veterinarian at AniCura Dyresykehus Stavanger in Stavanger, Norway

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List of Contributors ix
Acknowledgments xi
1 Introduction to Working in the Field 1
Katherine Polak and Ann Therese Kommedal
2 Stray Dog Population Management 15
Tamara Kartal and Andrew N. Rowan
3 Community Engagement and Education 29
Natasha Lee
4 Humane Canine Handling, Capture, and Transportation 47
Mark R. Johnson, Katherine Polak, and Consie von Gontard
5 Operating a Field Spay/Neuter Clinic 71
Susan Monger
6 General Anesthesia and Analgesia 121
Carolyn McKune and Sheilah Robertson
7 Regional Anesthesia and Local Blocks 165
Carolyn McKune and Amanda Shelby
8 Nonsurgical Fertility Control 179
Valerie A.W. Benka
9 Spay/Neuter Surgical Techniques 201
9.1 Orchiectomy and Ovariohysterectomy 203
Lori Bierbrier and Hillary Causanschi
9.2 Ovariohysterectomy – Flank Approach 229
J.F. Reece
10 Ancillary Surgical Procedures 237
10.1 Forelimb, Hindlimb, and Digit Amputation 239
Tatiana Motta and Lawrence Hill
10.2 Enucleation 249
Joshua S. Eaton
11 Sanitation and Surgical Asepsis 263
Brian A. DiGangi and Ann Therese Kommedal
12 Euthanasia in Veterinary Field Projects 289
I. Kati Loeffler
13 Treatment Protocols 307
Katherine Polak, Jennifer Landis, Natasha Lee, Kate Kuzminski, and Ahne Simonsen
14 Diagnostic Techniques 415
14.1 Point-of-Care Testing 417
Jennifer Bolser
14.2 Cytology 441
Laurie M. Millward
14.3 Blood Smear Evaluation 457
Emily Walters
14.4 Neurologic Examination 465
Patrick J. Kenny
15 Emergency Medicine and Procedures 481
Cynthia Delany
16 Wellness and Preventive Care 529
Brian A. DiGangi
17 Prevention Considerations for Common Zoonotic Diseases 559
Amie Burling
18 Emergency Animal Sheltering 589
Adam Parascandola
19 Program Monitoring and Evaluation 621
Elly Hiby and J.F. Reece
20 Formulary 627
Rachael Kreisler
Index 675