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Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds , 3rd Edition

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A complete reference for veterinary pathologists, residents, and students interested in avian
The revised third edition of Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds delivers a comprehensive reference to gross and
microscopic lesions found in birds, as well as the implications of these diseases. This third edition includes
improved coverage of normal anatomy and of advanced diagnostic techniques, including special stains,
immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, and molecular diagnostics.
The authors offer an extensive collection of more than 1200 high-quality, full-color images. New chapters cover
the postmortem examination; gross and microscopic anatomy; advanced diagnostics; and cytology. Specific
chapters address diseases of passerines, Columbidae, and raptors, and other chapters are intuitively organized
by body system. The book also provides:
A thorough introduction to the preparation and interpretation of cytological samples
Comprehensive tables of infectious diseases and published avian primers and IHC markers
Practical discussion of diseases of the liver, urinary system, reproductive system, respiratory system,
cardiovascular system, nervous system, alimentary system, integument, special senses, and more.
High-quality and annotated macroscopic and microscopic images that bolster the text and benefit the
Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds is an essential resource for veterinary pathologists and pathology residents,
and will also benefit avian practitioners and veterinary students with an interest in diseases of pet birds and
birds in avicultural collections. As many diseases in captive birds also manifest in wild birds, the book will
appeal to those interested in the diseases and pathology of wild birds.

Autor: Robert E. Schmidt, Jason D. Struthers, David N. Phalen

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VydáníIII. vydání 2024
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About the Editorsxi
List of Contributorsxiii
Preface to the First Editionxv
Preface to the Second Editionxvii
Preface to the Third Editionxix
1 Anatomy and Postmortem Examination1
Avian Anatomy1
Postmortem Procedures38
Additional Reading63
2 Cardiovascular System65
Congenital Anomalies65
Pericardial Disease66
Heart Disease69
Vascular Disease87
Additional Reading94
3 Respiratory System97
Normal Structure97
Upper Respiratory Disease98
Lower Respiratory Disease115
Additional Reading139
4 Gastrointestinal System and Pancreas143
Normal Microscopic Anatomy143
Gastrointestinal Disease144
Oral Cavity147
Esophagus and Crop154
Small and Large Intestines170
Exocrine Pancreas188
Additional Reading193
5 Liver197
Normal Anatomy197
Infectious Disease197
Congenital Disease197
Noninfectious Disease220
Non-neoplastic Epithelial Proliferative Lesions233
Additional Reading234
6 Urinary System239
Normal Structure239
Systemic Effects of Renal Failure239
Renal Disease240
Additional Reading259
Male Reproductive System263
Female Reproductive System268
Additional Reading288
8 Endocrine System291
Pituitary Gland291
Thyroid Glands292
Parathyroid Glands296
Adrenal Glands297
Pancreatic Islets302
Ultimobranchial Bodies303
Carotid Bodies, Aortic Bodies, Pineal Gland, and Gastrointestinal Endocrine System303
Additional Reading304
9 Lymphatic and Hematopoietic System307
Normal Structure307
Additional Reading338
10 Musculoskeletal System343
Skeletal Muscle343
Tendons and Ligaments352
Bone and Cartilage353
Disease of the Joints365
Additional Reading369
11 Nervous System373
Unique Anatomy of the Avian Neurological System373
Central Nervous System373
Peripheral Nervous System398
Additional Reading401
12 Integument405
The Normal Anatomy of the Skin and Feathers405
External Examination: Skin and Subcutis406
Congenital and Acquired Malformations406
Infectious Disease408
Noninfectious Disease422
Additional Reading436
13 Special Sense Organs439
Olfactory/Taste Organs461
Somatosensory Receptors461
Additional Reading462
14 Peritoneum and Mesenteries465
Inflammatory Disease467
Infectious Disease467
Noninfectious Diseases472
Additional Reading478
15 Doves and Pigeons481
Congenital Diseases482
Infectious Diseases482
Non-infectious Conditions501
Additional Reading509
16 Passerine Birds513
Normal Structure513
Congenital Disease513
Infectious Disease514
Noninfectious Disease540
Non-neoplastic Proliferative Lesions554
Additional Reading555
17 Raptors563
Normal Structure563
Congenital Malformations563
Infectious Disease566
Noninfectious Disease586
Neoplastic Disease594
Additional Reading596
18 Cytology601
Part 1: Normal Cytology602
Part II: Diagnostic Cytology611
Additional Reading647
19 Advanced Diagnostics649
Special Histologic Stains Used as Ancillary Diagnostic Testing in Avian Species649 Immunohistochemistry
In Situ Hybridization653
Molecular Diagnostics690
Targeted Molecular Diagnostics691
Sequencing Technologies701
Future Diagnostics702
Additional Reading709