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Pet owner educational atlas. Immunology and transmissible diseases

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Using a simple and graphical approach this atlas addresses the mechanisms involved in the immune responses of dogs and cats, and describes the most important infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as the corresponding preventive strategies. A particular emphasis is placed on pathological immune processes such as allergies, dermatitis, and possible adverse reactions to transfusions and vaccinations. This atlas is designed as an aid to veterinary surgeons who wish to explain these important and complex concepts to pet owners in simple but precise terms. This will help owners understand the processes underlying the development of some of the most important diseases of their pets, the immune defence mechanisms involved, and the importance of disease prevention through immunisation, ultimately aiding decision-making in specific cases.

Autor: Blanco Gutiérrez, Mª del Mar;Orden Gutiérrez, José Antonio;Gibello Prieto, Alicia;Gómez-Lucía, Mª Esperanza;Domínguez Bernal, Gustavo;Doménech Gómez, Ana;Cutuli de Simón, María Teresa;Miró Corrales, Guadalupe;Simarro Fernández, Isabel

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1. Immune response
Immune system I: organs
Immune system II: cells
Innate immunity
Evolution of the immune response
Humoural response
Cellular response
Immune response to tumours
Mucosal immunity
Immunity during gestation
Newborn immunity

2. Immunopathology
Blood groups and transfusions in dogs
Blood groups and transfusions in cats
Flea allergy dermatitis
Drug hypersensitivity
Immune complex deposition
Autoimmune diseases: pemphigus foliaceus, lupus

3. Infectious and parasitic diseases
Canine coronavirus infection
Canine parvovirus
Infectious canine hepatitis
Canine herpes virus infection
Canine respiratory disease
Canine leptospirosis
Canine babesiosis
Canine leishmaniasis
Canine demodicosis
Feline leukaemia
Feline immunodeficiency
Feline panleukopaenia
Feline infectious peritonitis
Feline respiratory disease
Feline leishmaniasis

4. Diagnosis and control
Immunological diagnosis
How does a vaccine work?
Primary vaccination and revaccination
Vaccine recommendations in dogs
Vaccine recommendations in cats
Treatment of postvaccination reaction