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Veterinary Cytology

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This book offers a state-of-the-art, evidence-based reference to all aspects of veterinary cytology. Truly multidisciplinary in its approach, chapters are written by experts in fields ranging from clinical pathology to internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and dermatology, drawing the various specialities together to create a comprehensive picture of cytology's role in the diagnosis and treatment of animal disease. Firmly grounded in the primary literature, the book focuses on companion animals, with special chapters for species with fewer publications. Chapters are logically organized by body system, with additional chapters on tumours of particular import and diagnostic decision making.

The first two sections of Veterinary Cytology focus on cytology techniques, quality control, and special laboratory techniques. Subsequent sections are organ/tissue-based and reflect what is known about the canine, feline, and equine species. This is followed by chapters on non-traditional species, including exotic companion mammals, rabbits, cattle, camelids, non-human primates, reptiles and birds, amphibians, fish, invertebrates, and sheep and goats. The last section highlights some unique features of the applications of cytology in industry settings.

Provides a gold-standard reference to data-driven information about cytologic analysis in companion animal species
Brings together authors from a wide range of specialities to present a thorough survey of cytology's use in veterinary medicine
Offers broader species coverage and greater depth than any cytology reference currently available
Veterinary Cytology is an essential resource for clinical and anatomic pathologists and any specialist in areas using cytology, including veterinary oncologists, criticalists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and internists.

Autor: Leslie C. Sharkey, M. Judith Radin, Davis Seelig

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VydáníKvěten 2020
Počet stran998
List of ContributorsXV
List of AbbreviationsXXIII
Part I Basic Cytology Techniques1
1. Sample Collection3
2. Routine Stains and Automated Stainers12
3. Microbiologic Review of Cytology Samples18
4. Evidence-Based Cytology30
5. General Approach to Diagnostic Cytology35
Part II Quality Control and Special Laboratory Techniques41
6. Quality Assurance in Cytology43
7. Special Staining Techniques: Application and Quality Assurance47
8. Cell Block Preparation Techniques and Applications in Veterinary Medicine73
9. Molecular Clonality Testing79
10. Cytogenetics85
Part III Skin and Subcutis95
11. Inflammatory Diseases of the Skin97
12. Dermal and Subcutaneous Masses115
13. Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumors138
14. Plasma Cell Tumors151
15. Melanoma158
16. Soft Tissue Sarcomas166
Part IV Ear and Eye177
17. Ear Cytology179
18. Collection of Ophthalmic Cytology Specimens184
19. Ocular Cytology of the Dog188
20. Ocular Cytology of the Cat205
21. Ocular Cytology of the Horse222
Part V: Musculoskeletal System241
22. Muscle243
23. Bone and Periarticular Structures249
Part VI: Respiratory System259
24. Upper Respiratory Tract of the Dog and Cat261
25. Lower Respiratory Tract of the Dog and Cat281
26. Respiratory Cytology of the Horse302
Part VII: Hemolymphatic System317
27. Lymph Nodes319
28. Spleen342
29. Thymus352
Part VIII: Gastrointestinal Tract359
30. Oral Cavity361
31. Esophagus and Stomach380
32. Intestines and Rectum394
33. Fecal Cytology407
Part IX: Liver and Pancreas411
34. Nonneoplastic Disorders of the Liver413
35. Hepatobiliary Neoplasia and Cancer Staging432
36. Pancreas445
Part X: Urinary Tract455
37. Kidney457
38. Urinary Bladder466
39. Urine Cytology480
Part XI: Reproductive Tract499
40. Testes, Ovaries, and Prostate501
41. Evaluation of Semen531
42. Vaginal Cytology in the Bitch and Queen552
43. Uterine Cytology559
44. Mammary Gland582
Part XII: Endocrine595
45. Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands597
46. Adrenal Gland608
Part XIII: Central Nervous System617
47. Central Nervous System Neoplasia in the Dog and Cat619
48. Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis in the Dog and Cat638
49. Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis in Horses and Large Animals655
Part XIV: Fluid Analysis665
50. Laboratory Techniques for Fluid Analysis667
51. Pericardial Fluid687
52. Abdominal and Thoracic Fluid Analysis in Dogs and Cats695
53. Abdominal and Thoracis Fluid Analysis in Horses713
54. Synovial Fluid Analysis of the Dog and Cat727
55. Synovial Fluid Analysis of the Horse736
Part XV: Species Specific Cytology745
56. Exotic Companion Mammals747
57. Rabbit766
58. Cattle782
59. Camelids800
60. Nonhuman Primates809
61. Reptiles and Birds828
62. Amphibians869
63. Fish876
64. Invertebrates921
65. Sheep and Goats929
Part XVI: Applications of the Cytology in Industry937
66. Cytology Evaluation in Biomedical Research and Toxicity Studies939