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Veterinary Medical Terminology

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Here's a text that provides readers with a solid foundation in veterinary medical terminology. A strong emphasis on clinical application makes the vocabulary easy to learn and remember, and familiarizes readers with basic concepts in anatomy, physiology, and disease. Features chapter goals and objectives, self-tests with answers, numerous illustrations, and much more!
Focuses the reader's attention on essential information with chapter goals and objectives.
Encourages effective learning with related-terms sections that include word-division exercises, phonetic spellings, brief definitions, and etymologies.
Offers readers immediate feedback on comprehension through numerous self-tests with answers.
Clarifies important anatomic features with more than 150 exquisitely rendered, original medical illustrations.
Makes unfamiliar terms easier to understand with coverage of word structure that discusses root words, prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, and compound words.
Includes a chapter on pharmacology reviewing metric, apothecary, and household measurement conversions, prescriptions, abbreviations, examples of prescriptions and prescription labels, and more.
Adheres to the standardized nomenclature for directional terminology accepted by most veterinary anatomists and the American College of Veterinary Radiologists (ACVR).

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1 Introduction to Veterinary Medical Terminology1
2 The Cell15
3 Body Structure and Organization29
4 The Hematopoietic System47
5 The Lymphatic System65
6 The Muscoloskeletal System75
7 The Cardiovascular System101
8 The Respiratory System123
9 The Neurologic System141
10 The Eye173
11 The Ear191
12 The Alimentary System203
13 The Urinary System231
14 The Reproductive System245
15 The Endocrine System261
16 The Integumentary System273
17 Pharmacology287
Appendix A301
Appendix B303
Gossary of Word Parts317