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Visual atlas of oral pathologies in Cats

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Routine preventative dental care is essential to prevent dental and oral health problems in cats. However, some types of dental disease are really difficult to diagnose and treat. With more than 400 high-quality images, clear anatomical illustrations, and thorough descriptions, this new volume on veterinary dentistry focused exclusively in cats aims at being a visual guide for quick visual identification and prompt diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental problems in this domestic species.

Autor: Collados Soto, Javier

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Dental positional terminology
Histological tooth structure in canines and felines
Diagram of dog and cat dentition
Example of periodontal probing
Periodontal disease classification (AVDC, 2007)
Classification of plaque and dental calculus index (Logan & Boyce, 1994)
Gingival index (Wolf et al., 2005)
Stages of mobility (AVDC, 2007)
Classification of furcation involvement/exposure (AVDC, 2007)
Dental fracture classification (AVDC, 2007)
Endo-periodontal lesions
Classification of tooth resorption (based on the severity of the resorption) (AVDC, 2007)
2. Oral and dental pathologies in cats
Physiological oral cavity and dental radiology
Permanent teeth
Deciduous teeth
Dental radiographic views for cats
Occlusion and malocclusion
Incisor area
Premolar and molar area
Canine area
Dental crowding
Dental absence
Mandibular distocclusion (class 2 malocclusion)
Maxillomandibular asymmetry (class 4 malocclusion)
Mandibular mesiocclusion (class 3 malocclusion)
Dental deviation
Distal deviation
Open bite
Persistent tooth
Dental rotation
Maxillomandibular asymmetry in a side-to-side direction
Systemic pathologies and their consequences in the oral cavity
Leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency (FeLV, FIV)
Pathologies of the oral cavity
Squamous cell carcinoma
Metabolic, iatrogenic and other aetiologies
Eosinophilic granuloma
Traumatic aetiology
Soft-tissue lesions. Foreign body
Soft-tissue lesions. Tongue lesions
Soft-tissue lesions. Lesions from occlusion/malocclusion
Soft-tissue lesions. Electric cord burn
Soft-tissue lesions. External trauma
Hard-tissue lesions. Fractures - trauma to the temporomandibular joint area - miscellaneous
Hard-tissue lesions. Mandibular fractures
Hard-tissue lesions. Maxillary fractures
Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic origin
Periodontal disease
Feline gingivostomatitis
Osteomyelitis in the oral cavity
Dental pathologies
Abnormal dental development and eruption
Dental agenesis
Impacted teeth
Hyperdontia (supernumerary teeth)
Dental absence
Dental discolouration
Dental fracture
Enamel fracture
Uncomplicated crown fracture
Complicated crown fracture
Complicated crown-root fracture
Root fracture
Tooth resorption
Endodontic disease
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